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 Examination of blood fats such as cholesterol is one of the clinical chemistry parameters that is useful to determine whether there is an increase of cholesterol levels in the body. Blood fat examination are carried out using serum or plasma as a specimen. Serum or plasma was obtained by centrifuging the whole blood within 3000 rotation per minute of speed for 5-15 minutes. The centrifugation time is often reduced by some laboratory technicians to shorten the examination time. Blood samples that is Sentrifugasid at the wrong time will damage the lipoprotein in cholesterol.short time centrifugation will cause the serum and the substances not separated perfectly from blood cells so that it will cause false low levels of cholesterol, while the long time centrifugation time will also cause hemolysis. Research Objectives : To determine differences of cholesterol levels based on the length of centrifugation time. Research Methods : it was an analytic research with a cross-sectional design and was conducted at the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory of the Medical Laboratory Technology Department of Poltekkes Kemenkes Palembang. The sample of this research were 30 samples. Data were analyzed using One Way Anova. Research Results : Shows that there was a difference of cholesterol levels based on centrifugation time with p value 0.004 (<ɑ 0.05) with an average value of checking cholesterol levels that in the Sentrifugasi for 5 minutes amounted to 180.90 mg/dL, for 10 minutes at  158.73 mg/dL, for 15 minutes amounted to 169.60 mg/dL. Conclusion: There is a difference of cholesterol levels based on the centrifugation time.


 Keywords:  cholesterol, centrifugation time, centrifugation speed

Keywords: Keywords: cholesterol, centrifugation time, centrifugation speed
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