• Oryza Lhara Sari Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Fitria Arwina Munawaroh Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Andika A. I. Saputra Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Raftonado Situmorang Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
  • Ian Isman Irfandi Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November


Lean construction is a construction management system with the aim of reducing waste. When compared to other developing countries, the application of lean construction in Indonesia falls into the category of very less. The purpose of this research is to find out whether lean construction method has been applied in Balikpapan - Samarinda Toll Road Development Project. The research method used is descriptive statistical analysis method. The result obtained is that lean construction technique has been applied in Balikpapan - Samarinda Toll Road Development Project, it is seen from all variables having percentage value above 68%, where as many as 3 variables namely last planner system, 5S process, and fail-safe for quality and safety can be categorized into the group of always applied, and 3 other variables namely increased visualization, daily huddle meeting, and first run study fall into the category of often applied, there are no variables that fall into the category of not applied.

Keywords: Lean Construction, Non-value Added, Waste


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