Publication Fee

The payment information can be seen below

Publication Fees : IDR 400,000,-

Schedule publish in January, Agustus.

For bank account information will be informed via email after the article is declared worthy of publication

Rules when paying:

  1. Payment is made when the editor has sent an invoice in the form of a PDF document via email and initiated discussion on OJS.
  2. Payment is made before the due date written on the invoice document.
  3. After we receive proof of payment, we will continue the process.
  4. If the author does not send proof of payment according to the time specified in the invoice, our article will stop the process.
  5. Plagiarism check maximum acceptable level of similarity is 25%.
  6. If the article requires no revision by the reviewer, we will immediately publish the article according to the publication period. 
  7. If the article has major input from the reviewer, the author is obliged to revise it. 
  8. If the author has paid but there is no response when contacted via mail or discussion OJS by the editor, then the publication of our article is pending and will be published on the next issue number until we receive the revised results. 
  9. The editor is not responsible for making a refund if the error is on the author's part. 
  10. If the author has made a payment, it means that the author agrees to the rules contained in the invoice letter.
  11. Articles will be published if the authors follow of the rules